Steel strap

Steel strap is the oldest and strongest strapping material with various widths, thicknesses, and tensile strength variations. It is used for heavy-duty fastening applications that require high strength and minimal stretch. Surface treatments for steel strapping include black paint, zinc paint, and wax coating. Wax is used to facilitate better tension transmission around the bundle and is utilized with certain types of tensioners.

Common applications include:

  • Steel coils
  • Bundles of metal
  • Baling wire
  • Bricks and pavers
  • Roll end-binding, etc, etc
설명Width (MM)Thickness (MM)색상Roll WeightMeter/KgWinding
Steel Strap12.700.60Black40-43 Kg16.70진동
Steel Strap16.000.60Black40-43 Kg13.30진동
Steel Strap19.000.60Black40-43 Kg11.20진동
Steel Strap31.750.80Black, Zinc40-43 Kg5.00리본

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