How is steel strapping made?

Bluing steel strapping

Bluing steel strapping

Although the name of Bluing steel strapping is called bluing , it uses chemicals such as sodium nitrate to oxidize the metal surface to oxides at high temperature to form a protective layer that is more resistant to rust.

According to different metal materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy), different chemicals, and different construction procedures (temperature control, pre-sandblasting, etc.), different colors will be produced. The most common is dark blue black, which is very close to black.

Bluing steel strapping is a new type of strapping belt that is popular in the world to replace steel strapping. It can be widely used in steel, aluminum, chemical fiber, cotton spinning, tobacco, paper, metal canning and other industries.

Bluing steel strapping has good plasticity (elongation and elasticity). The product performance meets the various strength levels of 800~1000MPa in JISG 3141 (Japanese standard), A5 DIN 50114 (German standard) and Chinese standard YB/T025-2002, and fully meets the requirements of manual, semi-automatic and automatic bundling.

Whether the Bluing steel strapping packaging box is produced meets the relevant standards, and whether the packaging steel belt is suitable for the needs of customers, it needs to be checked. First check the composition of the components of the steel belt box, focusing on the quality.

Because theBluing steel strapping is a packing steel belt with chemicals such as sodium nitrate that oxidize the metal surface to oxides at high temperature and form a protective layer that is more resistant to rust.

Bluing steel strapping are available in various specifications and can also be processed and produced in special specifications according to customer needs. Baked blue steel belts are used in newspapers, light industry, food, aquatic products, freezing, fruit, printing, pharmaceuticals, postal offices, Letters, logistics, airport luggage, parcels, hardware, furniture, electrical appliances, electronics, plastics, chemicals, accessories, medical equipment, fitness equipment, clothing, toys, etc.

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