How to Use Standard Steel Strapping Tools

Steel strapping is the best option for securing your heaviest loads.In addition to strapping,you will need four other components to secure your load:a tensioner,a sealer,a cutterand seals.Steel seals and tools in half inch 5/8 inch and 3/4 inch sizes.Tools and seals are not interchangeable between sizes.Choose tools,seals and strapping with the same width.

If you are only ordering tools or seals,be sure to measure your existing strapping to ensure your items are compatible.

When strapping a load,begin by wrapping both ends of the strapping around the product.Layer the strapping so that the end closest to your body is on top,pulling the steel strap tight to eliminate any extra slack.

Next,squeeze the tension lever and the base handle together insert both straps under the gripper,leaving around 5in of strapping at the front of the tool.Then release the tension lever.

Now,moving the tension lever back and forth,begin tensioning the strapping to the desired level.Once fully tensioned,if the handle is in the forward position,you will need to reposition it.Push the handle pall forward and allow the handle to fall to the base.To seal,place the sea,open side down,over both ends of the strapping.

Fully close the nose of the sealer around the seal and crimp tightly around the strappingCut the excess strapping with the cutter.

When finished,squeeze the base handle and tension lever together to remove the tensioner from the strap.
Whatever your strapping needs are you can rely on our to have the solution.

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