Which packing buckle is better?

The packing buckle is a kind of packaging consumables used to fix the packing belt, which mainly achieves the purpose of packing and tightening.

Due to the different materials, packing buckles can be divided into three types, mainly plastic packing buckles, iron packing buckles, and pet packing buckles. Although they have the same function, their aesthetics and fastening capabilities are slightly different.

There are the following five kinds of packaging buckles so that you can make a better judgment.

1. Plastic packing buckle is an alternative to the traditional nylon rope and manual packing tape packaging method. It relies on the pulling force of the packing tape to the buckled legs and the binding force of the buckle to the buckled legs to achieve the packaging task. The plastic packing buckle can complete the packing work without any tools, and is easy to operate and easy to carry. However, plastic packaging buckles are disposable consumables and cannot be reused. The utilization rate of waste plastic packaging buckles is relatively low.

2. The iron packing buckle adopts special strip steel and special tinplate, and there are dense small thorns in it, which can prevent slipping, increase the tension of the connection, and ensure the safety of the goods.

3. Ordinary metal packing buckles are easy to rust, so the surface of some metal packing buckles is galvanized to prevent rusting.

4. There are various specifications of the tin packing buckle, which can be used according to the specifications of the packing belt. In addition, the tin packing buckle needs a special packing machine to complete the packing work, and the packing efficiency is low.

5. The pet plastic-steel packing buckle is a new type of environmental protection packing buckle. It is mainly used on the PET plastic-steel packing belt. The inner two-way toothed surface is galvanized and gold-plated. It is not easy to rust and corrode, and can be reused. It is a popular packaging buckle at present.

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