65Mn Heat Treated And Tempered Steel Strips

65Mn Heat Treated And Tempered Steel Strips

Material50# / 65Mn (Size as customer need)
Surface colorBlack, Light blue, polish blue,polish,yellow

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What is 65Mn Heat Treated And Tempered Steel Strips?

65Mn Heat Treated And Tempered Steel Strips

65Mn is a high carbon steel grade commonly used in the manufacturing of various industrial components such as springs, saw blades, and cutting tools. To improve its mechanical properties, 65Mn steel is typically heat treated and tempered.

Heat treatment involves heating the steel to a specific temperature, holding it at that temperature for a specified amount of time, and then cooling it rapidly to room temperature. This process changes the microstructure of the steel, resulting in improved hardness, strength, and toughness.

Tempering is a secondary heat treatment process that follows the initial heat treatment. It involves heating the steel to a lower temperature than the initial heat treatment and holding it there for a specified amount of time. This process further improves the toughness of the steel, making it more resistant to fracture and deformation.

Steel strips made from 65Mn heat-treated and tempered steel are commonly used in various industrial applications, including the production of cutting tools, saw blades, springs, and other mechanical components. The heat treatment and tempering processes give the steel strips the necessary mechanical properties to withstand the stresses and loads that they will encounter during use.

Surface Color
Material Grade
65Mn 50#
0.27-2.5mm ,±0.03mm

Width 1.4*45mm:70-100KGS;

Width 100mm:150-170KGS;
Width 150-200mm:250KGS.
Waterproof paper inside,then plastic film,finally hessian cloth or corrugated or carton.wood pallet or iron

65Mn Heat Treated And Tempered Steel Strips

65Mn Heat Treated And Tempered Steel Strips65Mn Heat Treated And Tempered Steel StripsApplication: Used in hardware tools, construction tools, masonry knives, saw blades, automobile clutch plates, spring steel strips for rolling shutter doors, shoemaking, standard stamping parts, etc.


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A1: We are a manufacturer and own our own trading company in Linyi, China.

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A2: 20+ years of technical experience in this industry enable us to provide our customers whatever they want with competitive price and good quality.

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A3: We have a quality control system to strictly check the quality problems and ensure that each batch of goods meets the
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A4: Generally speaking the delivery time is about 7~15 days. The lead time is determined according to the specific model you want.

Q5: How to get the most accurate quotation?
A5: Please send us you inquiry and inform the detailed requirements,We’ll offer you the price according to the packing strap specifications(length, width, thickness), color and way of usage.