Metal banding strap

Metal banding strap

Metal banding strap, a versatile packing belt, finds its primary application in securing metal materials, glass, light industrial products, and facilitating logistics and transportation processes.

Available in rolls ranging from 3kg to 50kg, these metal banding straps are conveniently bundled in sets of 2 to 5 rolls. The rolls feature inside diameters of 200mm, 300mm, or 406mm. Each strapping roll undergoes meticulous packaging, starting with waterproof paper on the inside and additional layers of plastic film, paper scroll, blue scroll, or white scroll. The final protective layer involves wrapping the strapping with hessian cloth, corrugated cardboard, or enclosing it in a carton. Shipment options include placement on a wooden pallet or an iron pallet.

For efficient transportation, the metal banding strap can be containerized or shipped in bulk vessels. A 20ft container accommodates up to 22 tons, while a 40ft container can handle 25 tons. The packaging adheres to standard export seaworthy practices, featuring steel belt bundling based on the product’s size, with customization options available according to specific requirements.

Regular sizes include 0.3/0.36/0.4/0.5/0.6 * 16mm, 0.7/0.8/0.919mm, 0.825mm, 0.8/0.9/1.032mm, 1.0/1.240mm. Quality control is paramount, ensuring the best standards and competitive prices. The bundled products undergo patented technology treatment, eliminating burrs and frays, resulting in smooth-edged steel strapping for safe usage.

Tailoring to diverse needs, mini rolls with weight tolerance of +/- 0.5kg and jumbo rolls with coil weights ranging from 150kg to 400kg are produced. Additionally, super Heavy Duty Steel Strapping is available, boasting an average tensile strength of 950 Mpa and a minimum elongation of 8%. Choose our metal banding strap for reliable, high-quality solutions in securing and transporting various materials.

Product parameters

Product Color
Surface Finish
Bluing & oiled  , Bluing & waxed , Black ,  Primary colors(white belt) , Galvanized
High tensile steel Q195 / Q235 / Q345B / DB460 /
Tensile strength
(Q195)550-700Mpa / (Q235)680-780Mpa / (Q345)780-880Mpa /(DB460)880-980Mpa
Enwind type
Ribbon / oscillated
3-6% / 6-8% / 8-12%
9.5,10.2,11,12,12.7,15,16,17,17.25,19,22,24,25,25.4, 31,31.75,32,40,45mm (Width tolerance:±0.1mm)
0.27-1.5mm (Thickness tolerance:±0.02mm)
Inner diameter
200 / 300 / 406mm

Product  Detals

Bluing metal banding strap

The process of “Bluing banding strap” involves the heat treatment of steel at approximately 200 degrees Celsius to create a dense layer of ferroferric oxide film on the steel’s surface. The primary component of this film is ferroferric oxide.

This protective film serves as a barrier, effectively preventing the steel from rusting. To further enhance the protection, a layer of anti-rust oil can be applied before packaging, extending the storage time. The dense ferroferric oxide film acts as an isolating layer, shielding the steel from exposure to air and water, thus imparting anti-rust properties.

Typically, the blued banding strap undergoes a packaging process involving 3-4 layers. However, customization options are available to tailor the packaging to specific customer requirements. This ensures that the blued banding strap is not only rust-resistant due to the ferroferric oxide film but also well-protected during storage and transportation, meeting the unique needs of each customer.

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Paint metal banding strap

Painted banding strap represents an innovative strapping material designed for cargo packing, offering superior performance in various aspects compared to traditional steel straps. Notably, painted steel strapping stands out for its non-rusting properties, eliminating the risk of rust spots on packaged goods and contributing to a more environmentally friendly solution.

The manufacturing process involves cold rolling, shearing, bluing, painting, or galvanizing, resulting in painted steel strapping with elevated elongation and tensile strength. This enhanced strength makes it a more robust and reliable choice for securely strapping goods. The combination of anti-rust features and increased strength is driving the growing popularity of painted steel strapping in cargo packing applications.

As a modern alternative, painted banding strap not only ensures the protection of goods during transportation but also aligns with environmental considerations. The avoidance of rust-related issues and the enhanced strength attributes position painted steel strapping as a preferred and increasingly popular choice in the realm of cargo packing.

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Galvanized metal banding strap

Galvanized metal banding strap is crafted from ordinary or high-quality carbon structural steel, undergoing a series of processes including cold rolling, electric blueing, and galvanization. This represents a refined iteration of blued steel strapping, effectively addressing the issue of rusting that can occur with ordinary steel strapping.

The galvanization process imparts a protective layer to the metal banding strap, making it resistant to rust and corrosion. This characteristic makes it particularly suitable for packing a diverse range of large objects such as wood, paper, glass, stone, steel strapping, and welded pipes.

The versatility of galvanized metal banding strap, coupled with its enhanced resistance to rust, positions it as a reliable choice for securing and packaging various materials. Whether used in the transportation of wood, paper, glass, or other substantial items, this product offers a durable and corrosion-resistant solution, ensuring the integrity of the packed goods during transit and storage.

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Primary color metal banding strap

Primary color metal banding strap, commonly referred to as white packing steel strapping, gets its distinctive bright white color directly from the cold rolling process. Unlike other types, no additional surface treatment is necessary, requiring only a layer of anti-rust oil for protection. This simplicity contributes to a cost-effective solution, making it an economical choice for various applications.

In some foreign countries, primary color metal banding strap is utilized as a building material due to its bright appearance and affordability, leading to a significant demand in the market. The packaging of this strap typically involves 3-4 layers, although customization options are available to align with specific customer requirements.

With its straightforward manufacturing process, cost-effectiveness, and versatile applications, primary color metal banding strap serves as a practical choice for those seeking an affordable and reliable solution for packaging and construction needs.

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