Automatic strapping machine MH-101B

Automatic strapping machine MH-101B

MH-101B automatic strapping machine (low table standard type) and MH-101A belong to the same series. The machine table height is 450mm, which is suitable for packing heavy products, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity of operators. The unique tensioning structure design of this machine makes the machine stronger. It can be used alone or with other packaging machines. It is suitable for carton packaging, wooden box packaging, paper packaging, etc. It is suitable for automatic strapping of various sizes of goods such as carton, wooden box, and paper packaging in food, medicine, hardware and other industries.

  1. Power: 380V 50/60Hz 1.0kW
  2. Overall Dimensions: L1905mm × W628mm × H1750mm
  3. Strapping Specifications:
    Standard Frame Size: Width 800mm × Height 600mm (Customizable as needed)
  4. Worktable Height: 450mm (Customizable as needed)
  5. Weight Capacity: 80 kg
  6. Strapping Speed: ≤2.5 seconds/strap
  7. Tension Force: 0-60kg (Adjustable)
  8. Strap Specifications: Width 9-15 (±1) mm, Thickness 0.55-1.0 (±0.1) mm
  9. Strap Coil Specifications: Width 160-180mm, Inner Diameter 200-210mm, Outer Diameter 400-500mm
  10. Strapping Method: Parallel strapping; Modes include jog, continuous, ball switch, foot switch, etc.
  11. Sealing Method: Hot melt, bottom seal, sealing surface ≥90%, sealing position deviation ≤2mm
  12. Machine Weight: 270kg
  13. Electrical Configuration:
    PC Controller: In-house production
    Contactor: Schneider
    Buttons: Siemens APT
    Relay: Schneider
    Motor: MEIWA
    Proximity Switch: Sodick
    Motor: MEIWA
  14. Noise Level: In the working environment, noise ≤80dB(A)
  15. Environmental Conditions: Humidity ≤90%, Temperature 0-40℃

Automatic strapping machine

Features: Steel knife box for higher wear resistance Unique tensioning structure design, stronger tensioning force Clamshell panel, easy maintenance New electric heating device, for fast heating and long service life Single-chip electronic control, complete functions and easy operation