Совещание по запуску кампании по защите производительности 2023 Fanghua Steel "Go All Out, Mission Must Achieve"

Dear all Fanghua Steel employees,

On October 8, 2023, Fanghua Steel held an extraordinary and passionate event – the launch meeting of the “Go All Out, Mission Must Achieve” performance defense campaign. It was an occasion filled with passion and unity, marking a momentous commitment from Fanghua Steel.

2023 Fanghua Steel "Go All Out, Mission Must Achieve" Performance Defense Campaign Launch Meeting

Setting Clear Performance Objectives

During this launch meeting, each department not only outlined their performance objectives for the new quarter but also solemnly signed a pledge on stage in front of all employees. This act symbolized not only our commitment to ourselves but also our loyalty to the company’s mission. Together, we strive to achieve these objectives with unwavering determination!

Incentive and Penalty Measures to Unlock Potential

To encourage employees to fully engage, Fanghua Steel has also established corresponding incentive and penalty measures. In this challenge, we will not only compete for performance but also for opportunities to shine, ensuring that every employee has a chance to be recognized and rewarded. At the same time, it is a reminder that those who cannot fulfill their commitments will face appropriate consequences.

Interactive Games to Foster Cohesion

This launch meeting featured several creative interactive games that allowed everyone to get to know their colleagues better, enhancing team cohesion and fostering better cooperation. We understand that only by standing closely together, united in purpose, can we overcome any difficulties and conquer all challenges.

Passionate Address by Manager Ms. Shen

Passionate Address by Manager Ms. Shen

Lastly, we had the privilege of hearing an important address from Ms. Shen, the Manager of the company. She encouraged us to be goal-oriented and fully utilize our proactive abilities, striving diligently towards achieving our performance targets. Her words inspire us and reaffirm our belief that, no matter how steep the road ahead, as long as we go all out, the mission will be achieved.

This “Go All Out, Mission Must Achieve” performance defense campaign launch meeting is not just the start of a new quarter but also the beginning of our collective journey towards success. Let’s stand united, work hand in hand, and tirelessly strive for the bright future of Fanghua Steel. Let us meet our performance goals as planned!

Let us shine even brighter in the 2023 “Go All Out, Mission Must Achieve” performance defense campaign!

Fanghua Steel, forward with determination, mission must achieve!

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