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Fanghua steel is a steel strapping manufacturer based in China, and our products are well-loved in more than 60 countries worldwide. These include Asian nations like Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand, as well as American countries such as the United States, Canada, Peru, and Chile. Our reach also extends to Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, European nations like the Netherlands and Germany, and African countries such as Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

No matter where you are or how much you need, we are committed to providing top-notch service to fulfill your requirements.

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What is steel strapping?

Steel strapping (also called metal strapping )is a strong belt used in industries like metal, glass, and logistics to secure items during transport. Also, it helps to make walls, foundations, and other structures stronger and safer during construction.

Enwind Type of Steel Strapping

Ribbon Steel Strapping​
Ribbon Wound(RW)
Weight :10-50kg/roll
Finishing : blued, white, black, grey lacquered.
Inside diameter 200、300、406mm
You can use it with manual strapping machines.
Oscillated Wound (OW)
Weight :40-50kg/roll
Finishing : blued, white, black, grey lacquered.
Inside diameter 406mm
You can use it with manual or automatic strapping machines.
Jumbo Coil Winding (J)
Weight :200-500kg/roll
blued, black (Customizable ) .
Inside diameter 406mm
You can use it with automatic strapping machines.

Color of Steel Strapping


We employ cold rolling and apply oil coating to ensure the best quality and performance in our products.


We use cold rolling and electric heat bluing, then add oil or wax coating to make our products last longer.


The surface coated with paint and wax effectively addresses rusting issues.


A thin layer of zinc coats galvanized steel strapping to protect it from rust and corrosion.

Packing of Steel Strapping

Customers can customize the packaging according to their requirements.

Packing of Steel Strapping​
About Tensile strength​​ of steel strapping

Tensile Strength And Elongation

Tensile strength is the maximum stress a steel strip can handle before breaking under tension.

Elongation rate refers to the speed or rate at which elongation occurs in a material under tension.

Regular Tensile 650-680MPA Elongation 3%-4%
High Tensile 800-850MPA Elongation 4%-6%
B235 Tensile Strength 850-880MPA Elongation 6%-8% High Tensile
DB460 Tensile Strength 880-980MPA Elongation 8%-10% High Tensile

Steel Strapping Size

We can produce products according to specific customer requirements, ensuring personalized satisfaction.

Brief introduction of the manufacturing characteristics of the packaging steel belt
Strap sizeAverage Strenth*YieldCoil WindingCoil Weight
3/89.50.0150.387303 25054.235.2Oscillated10547.6
3/89.50.0200.519004 00039.326.4Oscillated10547.6
3/89.50.0200.519004 00039.326.4Oscillated10547.6
1/212.70.0200.511,1705 20029.419.8Oscillated10547.6
1/212.70.0230.581,3005 78025.617.2Oscillated10547.6
5/815.90.0200.511,4606 49023.615.9Oscillated10547.6
5/815.90.0230.581,6707 43020.513.8Oscillated10547.6
3/419.00.0200.511,7507 78019.613.2Oscillated10547.6
3/419.00.0230.581,9508 67017.111.5Oscillated10547.6
125.40.0200.511,5406 85029.419.7Oscillated10547.6
125.40.020**0.511,9208 54023.615.8Oscillated10547.6
125.40.0230.582,2009 79020.513.7Oscillated10547.6
1-1/431.750.0250.644,80021 3509.46.3Ribbon11049.9
1-1/431.750.0290.745,60024 9108.15.5Ribbon11049.9
1-1/431.750.0290.745,60034 9108.15.5Ribbon11049.9
1-1/431.750.0351.126,66029 6306.72.0Ribbon11049.9
1-1/431.750.0441.128,45037 5905.33.5Ribbon11049.9
250.80.0441.1213,20058 7203.32.2Ribbon12054.4
We offer custom steel strapping in various sizes through our OEM and ODM services to meet customer needs.

Production Process

1. After pickling material
2. Rolling thin
3. Cutting
4. Bluing
5. Painted
6. Rolling
7. Product
8. Packing

Application of Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping Application:  packaging and fixing wood, pipelines, cables, steel coils, wires, bricks, non-ferrous metals, etc.

Field:  warehouse storage, logistics transportation, construction sites, automobile manufacturingshipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, electronic manufacturing and other fields.

steel strapping for Wood packing​
Wood packing
Steel strapping for Steel pipe packing​
Steel pipe packing
Steel strapping for Cold rolled steel coil packing​
Cold rolled steel coil packing
steel strapping for Hot rolled steel coil packing​
Hot rolled steel coil packing
Aluminum ingot packing​
Aluminum ingot packing
Rebar Packing​
Rebar Packing
Copper plate packing​
Copper plate packing
Glass packing​
Glass packing
Wire packing​
Wire packing
Graphite packing​
Graphite packing
Brick packaging​
Brick packaging
Non-ferrous metal packaging​
Non-ferrous metal packaging

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Are you a trading commpany or a manufacturer?​

We are a manufacturer and have our own factory in Linyi, China.

What are your advantages?

The earliest manufacturer in the industry to develop and produce , packing strap has accumulated 20 years of technical experience.​

How do you control quality?

We check the quality of each batch of goods to make sure they meet customer requirements through our quality control system.

What is the actual delivery date of the factory?​

Generally,the delivery time is about 7~15days. Products need to be determined according to the actual product model.​

How to get the most accurate quotation?​

Please send us your inquiry with detailed requirements. Please send us your inquiry with specific details about the packing strap you need. We will then give you a price based on the strap’s length, width, thickness, color, and intended use.

What kind of payment does your company support?​

T/T, 100% L/C at sight, Cash, Western Union are all accepted if you have other payment,please contact me.​