Strapping Band and Tools

We can provide all kinds of Strapping Band for customers all over the world.
We also provide specialized OEM and ODM parts manufacture based on a number quantity.

Steel Strapping Band- Steel

Color : Black , Bluing , Painted , White

Surface Finish : Bluing & oiled , Bluing & waxed , Black , Primary colors(white belt) , Galvanized

Material : High tensile steel Q195 / Q235 / Q345B / DB460 /

Enwind type : Ribbon / oscillated / Jumbo

Polyester Strapping Band- PET


Type : PET

Color : Blue, Green & Black

Width : 9 / 12 / 15.5 / 18 / 25 mm

Polypropylene Strapping band - PP

    MachineFull Auto MachineFull Auto MachineSemi Auto MachineManual UsageSemi Auto MachineSemi Auto Machine
    Width5 mm12 mm,15 mm9mm12 mm,15 mm9mm12 mm,15 mm16 mm9 mm, 12 mm,15 mm12 mm,15 mm
Weight/Roll10 kg8.5 kg10kg8.5 kg10 kg2,5,6kg8 kg7kg

Packing tools

We can provide many types of packing tools, manual packing tools, semi-automatic packing tools and fully automatic packing tools.

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